A Hero Rises - part 1
Posted November 7, 2010 at 7:01 pm
This week's comics start up a storyline that I'm pretty excited about... We'll see the guys reacting to the break in, each in their own way... and of course, George takes it too far. Last week I wasn't sure which story arc I was going to start up, but after weighing the pros & cons of doing various ones first... I have to admit that this one made the most sense. Sorry I'm being vague, but if you've listened to either of the podcasts I was on around the one-year anniversary of Zombie Roomie, you'll know where this is headed. And for those of you who might have forgotten whom John and George's neighbor is, go back and read "New Neighbor Nuisance", "Floraid", "Patchouli Pepto-Bismol", "S.A.F.E. Sex", and "The 4th Wall" to get caught up on Valerie the Hippie. Not that she plays a big part in the storyline, it's just she is mentioned in panel three today.
Tags: George, John