Faceless - After Credits Scene
Posted January 10, 2018 at 7:01 pm
So this week really sucked. First, we were supposed to take our dog to the vet only to get stuck in the snow a few feet from where we park the car... for two hours. We had zero traction and digging out and putting cat litter under the tires did zero good. Eventually a neighbor remembered she had traction aides. We've since bought our own to keep in the back of the car, but we weren't going anywhere and missed the appointment. Then on Tuesday I noticed that my login had been hacked for this website. They kept the forward facing username but changed the login, password, and associated email address. They also turned off all of my plugins/etc. in the back end. Luckily, I knew how to get it back by editing a database, but it was still insanely stressful. A positive was we did sign a lease on the condo so that'll be a thing that will help with immigration when we're ready for it. And we're working on setting up the office in the spare bedroom now that it's uninhabited. There was an Ikea trip to pick up multiple bookcases/shelf systems that will be put together during the day on Thursday so if you hear a muffled cursing... that's probably me swearing at stupid cartoon people in the instructions.