George goes Hollywood - part 5
Posted October 11, 2011 at 10:41 pm
The whole John/Glenda thing is a time when I can make John turbo creepy and people wont bat an eyelash. He's been attracted to her assets since he's known her. That strip's word balloons are the main reason I'm redoing the text/word balloons for the eventual print collection. They've never really had a real conversation, so she's just eye candy to him. He's just George's creepy roommate to her. Completely useless trivia about this strip: The television screen behind Glenda and John actually has George's last name listed on it... you just can't see it due to John's big ol' head. This Friday will be a big deal so make sure you come back.... Things will take a dramatic turn on the Hunter vs. George show!
Tags: Glenda, John