More television than reality - part 3
Posted August 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm
Hat tip to Bill for the Jonathan Coulton reference in panel 1. Things are starting to take shape with what's actually been going on with the Hunter: The Zombie Hunter show and I'm hopeful that most of you have put it together by now. Monday has the show runners trying to do some damage control and we'll see some familiar faces again. This strip is the first strip in the Zombie Roomie archives to not include any major or supporting cast member. It's 100% "extras" as Hunter is locked inside the trailer. We've had the strip with Lizzy and Zoey, which was the first without John or George. Then the two strips leading up to this were ones with Hunter, a supporting cast member, and a zombie in them... This has no actual supporting cast members which makes it "different".