Posted May 26, 2011 at 8:01 pm
George got Bill to drink a horrid shake, it's only fitting Bill return the favor. With Denny's new promotion of Baconalia, and their Maple Bacon Sundae which they describe as: "Bacon makes a classic ice cream sundae even more awesome. We start with maple-flavored syrup, and a scoop of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and then a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon. Add another sweet layer of syrup and vanilla ice cream topped with even more bacon and a drizzle of syrup."... Well, it just brings up the discussions around the gaming table where my friends and I during our college days would talk about things we thought would be horrible. Taking two things which we like separate and putting them together to form the horrid Bacon Milkshake. The thing that turned the idea sour for us was the notion that the person making the shake would fry up strips of bacon and in addition to the bacon itself, they'd pour in the grease and fat left in the pan. I can't see the Denny's commercial without shuddering. So, George hurled all over the couch with his bacon milkshake and I'm sure the remains of a zombie's digestive tract would be something pretty foul... so the guys will be getting new living room furniture to go with their new apartment. I could have just written the couch out in another fashion like it was dropped or something, but I wanted to tie back into this little arc and have Bill get a little revenge for when he had to yack earlier.