Posted May 29, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I wasn't ready to start any actual plot based strips yet as I just kinda wrapped up the guys moving and the out of shape mini arc... So, when I sat down to figure out some one-offs I realized that today was Memorial Day and since I would be barbecuing... why not have the characters also grilling something. The idea behind this comic was give everyone something to do. Vlad is there with his sun protection, since you know... he's a vampire. Jamal is playing the living keg while Jack pours a draw from it. Francis is being timid from the open flame. And then there's George getting ready to cook up some poor s.o.b. Yeah, paper wouldn't survive the Winter and Spring, but since I like having it still around as details in places... let's say that George took the time to laminate the missing frog posters. The "Z" scratches are much more permanent and don't need people to suspend disbelief that they're still there.