Proper Precautions
Posted August 13, 2012 at 8:01 pm
Today's title is more important to the creation of the comic than even the subject matter of today's strip... I woke up and went to turn on my computer yesterday morning only to find that the power button would not make the computer power up. I was highly annoyed. I contacted tech support and luckily it's still under warranty and I'm supposed to have a technician show up today to fix the issue. But I was properly prepared by having a laptop that I had purchased as my backup computer. I technically still have my older desktop too but I haven't turned that on in a while... so I made due and did today's strip on my backup laptop. Luckily I recently upgraded to a paid subscription for Dropbox to where I have over 100 gigs of cloud storage. In that cloud storage I have all of the files for Zombie Roomie from the beginning and I was able to get a comic together for you with only a little interruption in the normal goings on. I'm hopeful my desktop gets fixed and I'm back to my normal workflow for tomorrow's comic. I might be stuck working on the laptop again, but I'll let you know how the technical support visit turns out.