What's behind door number one?
Posted August 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm
So yeah, I think I'm probably due for a new power supply... I mentioned yesterday about my computer not wanting to turn on and having a technician dispatched. Well when I moved my computer to a location that would be easier for the technician to get at and see what the problem was... The damned thing turned right on. The first time. It had been unplugged for something like twenty hours or so and the only thing I did different was to have it placed on its side like a DVD player or the like. I decided to cancel the technician and just wait a little to make sure it's working fine... but I'm guessing if there's a problem still it is with the power supply. I've got some stuff I want to do with the website, nothing super major in the way of a redesign, just some tweaks... but if you notice something really wrong point it out to me using the contact button up top. I've been trying to diagnose the issue that some people have regarding the navigation buttons not always working, but ComicPress has been known to be buggy and I'm not going to move to Easel so I have to try and figure things out with what I'm using.