Scrooged - part 4
Posted December 21, 2010 at 7:01 pm
I wanted to redesign Junior a bit and since he wasn't in the comic for a while I had an excuse to do so... Maegan's new diet she put him on was all I needed to have him look different now that he'll be popping up in the comic again. He had gotten too big. Shrinking him down and simplifying some things was an idea I had and I like how he turned out. He's able to move about with his tentacles now so he doesn't have to be dragged around. Friday, Christmas Eve will have George and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come as we wrap up this year's holiday story. If you haven't gotten your Zombie Roomie fix today, might I suggest checking out Woody After Hours? John and George are going to be guests on Woody's late night talk show. We're doing strips where the guys are guest starring for a couple weeks... it'll be a great time. I'm doing the drawing for my characters while Paul Westover does the art chores for their characters. The scripts for the strips were also a collaboration.