Scrooged - part 5
Posted December 23, 2010 at 7:01 pm
Having Glen the Reaper as part of the cast of Zombie Roomie is the other piece of the puzzle that gave me an idea of doing a Christmas Carol based storyline. We've only seen Glen once before in the old mistaken identity comic "A Steamy Situation". The problem in Drew's plan was that Glen actually likes George... So, instead of showing him some bleak future of what will happen if he doesn't mend his ways... he came over and played some Xbox. George has already started being nicer to his fellow man since he found out he has a soul; it was just out of practice. He's began protecting the city using his zombie-ness. And he's stated he'll eat less kids... That's good enough for George for this year... maybe next year he'll be on Santa's nice list.... yeah, that's pretty doubtful. Anyway, they got Leeloo and Junior back just in time for the holidays. I hope you've been enjoying the extra Zombie Roomie-ness going on over at Woody After Hours this week as well. Give those strips a look as I'm having to do double duty to get those comics and the normal ZR comics done for MWF's... So, do me a favor and go peep them with your eyeballs!