Posted June 23, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Today's Woody After Hours also deals with John's love life. Go check out what Ben and Paul have to offer and while you're there why not read their entire archive, it's good times. If you recall, I had changed George's hair pretty drastically for the last strip he was in... After I had posted it and given myself time to reflect upon it... I realized it was far too drastic of a change right now. I went back to the old hair for this strip. I'll work from there to see about getting his look exactly where I want it and try not to go so far away from his "look" as I do so. Here's where I'm at currently: I think it's the most Luke Skywalker looking so far. If you didn't know, that's the inspiration for George's mop hairstyle... since he's a giant Star Wars nerd. So expect the new hair on George shortly/hopefully next week.  
Tags: George, John