The talk - part 1
Posted April 30, 2012 at 8:01 pm
Zoey was the third character introduced to the cast back very early in the run of strips, but I've never shown her without her hair up in her dual pigtails and in at least some makeup. I didn't want to have her done up in her traditional look as it's supposed to be the butt crack of dawn after George has gotten back from the night of dealing with the zombie Santa deal... I wanted to show her when she's just around her apartment... a little more relaxed. Originally I wasn't going to jump right into the next storyline, don't worry it's a lot shorter than the Santa arc... I was going to do at least one or two one-offs dealing with the other monsters and the antics they've been up to. But I just wasn't happy with how the comic I had prepared for today was laying out. It wasn't funny enough in the state it was in. I think I'll rework it for this coming Monday as we might need a bit of a joke depending on how things work out with George and Zoey.