The year without a Santa Claus - epilogue
Posted April 29, 2012 at 8:01 pm
I wanted to have a little time for just George and Santa to end the arc... since their fight due to the first year's Christmas arc was the start of this storyline. Originally I wanted to have something like this dovetailed into the end of the wrap up with the devil on Friday... but the beats were just too different to fit together even in a double-sized strip. So yeah... we're moving forward with George as a human... that's the new status quo. Unlike the quick fix of John being dead, he wont get a presto chango and be back to being a zombie in a strip or two. When I've mentioned this to other creators they recommended that I change up the logo at the top of the site to cross out Zombie in it.  I don't think I'll go that far... but heh.