Posted October 26, 2023 at 12:00 am

And this dumb punchline is the whole reason she's been on her phone a lot for this arc.


Welcome back to ZR!

Let me try to be somewhat transparent, like George here-- just in a different definition of the word...

With the plague and people's luxury expenses going down for the most part, people left my Patreon in droves. I went from an okay monthly income to where I was at the start of the comic. My mental wellbeing was shot. I'm still not doing well in either sense... but I have nothing else I can do at the moment.

I'm trying to live on a budget that is 1/4 of what it was pre-plague... it's super hard to make ends meet. So trying to do that and be clever or funny just is difficult sometimes.

I tried to push through it for awhile but back in January, I just sort of fell apart. It was best for my brain, at the time, to pause ZR. During that time I worked on Maho Noir, my other comic, and started prepping a pair of other properties that are both NSFW for Patreon/e-books.

I'm not promising I won't have issues going forward as everything is still awful. But I'm trying.

If you enjoy ZR, please consider backing me on Patreon as it would go a long way to keeping it going-- as well as keeping me being able to pay rent/etc..

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