Posted August 25, 2022 at 12:00 am

We're getting to where the title of the comic actually means something again.

I know it's not a "ha ha" comic, but sometimes to move plot along we have to have some info dumps... and this update is to show us what everyone other than the zombie hunters know.

The moon isn't full either, I tried to indicate that with the bit of shadow on the far side... hence why she's not in her wolf form. John isn't aware of her family's nature in this version. But her family has monthly gatherings at their cabin that they all go to... it's strange that it always falls on the full moon... strange.

Up in Canada, it's pretty common for folks to have a cabin in the mountains. I know of several people that do... yet back in the States, like nobody I knew had a camping property. My folks have a trailer to go "camping" in so that about the closest thing in my life back in the States, but they have to haul it around.

Tags: John, Lyn