Open the door
Posted January 23, 2024 at 12:00 am

My neck has been giving me problems for the last while... but I did get a new pillow last Thursday afternoon and I've had some relief. It's not automagically fixed, but it is better.

One of the main issues that affected things is nerves would be pinched that made me have less sensation in my hands, most notably in my drawing hand.

For most of my life, I slept on my stomach... having a belly meant horrible lower back pain. Wearing a CPAP, my head and neck would have to be at full torque to adjust. I've switched to side sleeping to help with the back pain, but with my older pillow I couldn't sleep on my back as I'd still snore, even with the CPAP-- causing Viviane to jab me until I woke up.

But I'm able to sleep on my back with the new pillow and I will for long periods of the night.

This is all to say, hopefully things work out and I'm in less of a garbage state physically.

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