Star Witness
Posted January 6, 2022 at 12:00 am

In this reboot, John and Jules don't work at the morgue. Without George starting as a zombie, there wasn't a need and it actually made the story harder to work out if they were in that field... so I had I come up with a new occupation for them. They now wear ties for a corporate gig... I'll eventually have John in more colors, but I wanted his orange and white top colors to be the first outfit we see.

John and Jules working together still is important for the web of the cast and how people know each other. Since Jack and Jules are married, they introduced John and Lyn... that's how that couple came together. Jack and Jules met under different circumstances which isn't important as they're together and married at the start of the comic, now.

As for their job, we'll see more of it when it's important to the story... I just felt John should be dressed for his job too.