Posted May 11, 2018 at 2:13 am
It's been awhile since we've had stuff with Zoey at college... well other than her science in the Origin arc. I mean stuff dealing with going to classes/taking tests/etc.. So when I was trying to come up with a quick thing to do with George and Zoey this popped into my brain.

It lets us have that Zoey at college moment... It gives us a reminder about George having to wear manacles and a bite blocker in public... And it lets George be his normal self obsessed doofus.

I cut Zoey's hair again. I think I like it, but it'll require some more scenes to make sure. I was going to have her have a streak of color in her bangs, but it didn't look right. It looked better if her hair was blonde and she had a black section but I didn't want to have her go back to blonde for no reason.
Tags: George, Zoey