The List - promo
Posted May 8, 2018 at 3:50 pm
I was working on a comic for today but it wasn't very good and I just started to hate it... so instead of posting it so I could put up something today I scrapped it.

I remembered I had this posted over the weekend to Patreon (just uncensored) for the $10+ tiers so I figured I could censor it and let folks know about the new Patreon exclusive NSFW arc. It's a John and Lyn arc where they go to a comic con and stuff afterward.

Also a new Patreon reward going forward is sketchy, NSFW boob based illustrations for Tuesdays. This week's is Meela.

I'm going to try to have something written that I don't hate for Thursday. So in the meantime, enjoy the promotional filler material.