Like the idiom
Posted May 1, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I came up with the idea that George had some trash he was too lazy to take out and like any good lazy person... he just put it out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind... The whole deal of packing up the apartment for the impending move spurred the notion of this gag to the brainstorming sessions of figuring out what to do for strips and bam I had my idea... The problem was how to execute it. I was stuck when I tried to show the scene since it would be obvious that John was talking about actual skeletons and I couldn't have George mistake his question for the idiom, "Skeletons in the closest" without looking like a grade A idiot. While I don't mind making George the fool from time-to-time, but this wasn't the time to do so. So, I figured I could do one of the walking in the woods strips that I've done a few times before. These work great for this kind of setup mainly because the way I've been doing them like you're coming into the middle of the conversation. That lined up perfectly. The strip starts after John asked George about the skeletons in his closet and the joke plays out if you know of the idiom and you then put two and two together as George realizes it too. This strip has the first in comic appearance of both John and George wearing some new outfits when they're not in some pop culture costume. I've had John wear a sweater before, but George has always been in his turtleneck if he's wearing clothes. I want to start having the guys wear a few more outfits, but they wont be in new things every, single strip... just a little variety to their uniforms to help flesh out their personalities and looks. Plus, it'll be more interesting for me to draw...
Tags: George, John