Such a drag
Posted May 31, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Yeah, I actually have shown Lizzy before. I wanted to introduce her to you guys to set up her formal introduction later on, well today... Doing it this way we're clued in that John and George seem to always cosplay when they go to the movies and it unnerves some people. I've been wanting to include a roommate for Zoey for a while to help flesh out her character. When I decided to have her move to the fifth floor of the guys' apartment building too, it just made sense to introduce Lizzy now rather than some random time before. Zoey's life outside of being George's girlfriend has been pretty much a mystery to the average reader. Here's what we know so far: She works at Burning Issue She reads the vampire romance books in the Sundown series and imagines the characters look an awful lot like some ZR characters She frequently calls George a dumbass and she has some tattoos... So, since we know so little about her and she's basically the third most featured character... I want to start giving her a little more depth and character. By including more of her life (her apartment, her roomie, etc.) we'll get to know her a bit better.  
Yeah, I actually have shown Lizzy before.